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Engineered Propulsion Systems, Inc. (EPS) understands that by bringing advanced engine technology to todays modern airplanes and updating yesterdays applications we are ensuring the future of aviation. Today’s “modern” aircraft engines use dated technology reminiscent of 1930’s aircraft engines. These engines use leaded fuel that was banned in cars in the 1970’s. Our Vision 350 brings clean and efficient, “green” power to the forefront in the global aviation marketplace.  It’s use of Jet A, JP-8 or diesel fuel eliminates the need for the outdated, expensive and environmentally un-friendly leaded airplane fuel currently in use.  The EPS engine affords pilots the opportunity to shift to a more advanced technology engine with a patented purpose-built design tailored for the individual aircraft application. EPS offers aircraft OEM’s access to developing general aviation markets in Asia, South America, Africa and other markets because of its fuel availability.  With an emphasis on eliminating leaded airplane fuel the current fleet of more than 200,000 airplanes is at risk of having a forced retirement.  The EPS Vision 350 is the answer for the future of light-weight airplane diesel engines. Its engine architecture answers the need to be light weight and reliable. It is the twenty first century airplane engine the market and pilots have been asking for.


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