EPS has been busy testing our Vision 350 engine since November of 2011. Although we began our test program in a traditional dynamometer test cell, we have concentrated a great deal of effort to develop our unique M.obile E.ngine T.est L.aboratory (METL).  The METL is capable of accurate fuel flow measurement, and has a sophisticated data acquisition system (400 channels) capable of measuring at up to 10kHz sampling rates. We are able to accurately measure cylinder pressure in all (8) cylinders simultaneously, while monitoring the crankshaft vibrational quality. We are also able to communicate via internet link with Bosch staff in Germany. We believe the METL is the most accurate replication of real-world scenarios for aircraft engine testing. Additionally, we are able to demonstrate the EPS engine at our convenience. We have already used the METL to perform some of the following tests, with more planned in 2013:

  1. Bullet  Engine performance and fuel economy validation  

  2. Bullet  Engine cold-start validation                                            

  3. Bullet  Engine and propeller vibration control tests                   

  4. Bullet  Engine heat load testing                                               

  1. Bullet  Engine fuel injection development schemes

  2. Bullet  Engine turbocharger performance and control schemes

  3. Bullet  Engine performance and dead-starts at 15,000’ density altitude

  4. Bullet  Engine frame vibration isolation

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